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Knoxville, TN, United States for Summer Romance in Knoxville – 5 Reasons to Whisk Your Sweetheart Away

Feeling oh, so in love? Have you been dreaming of whisking your wife away for a weekend? Are you hoping to plan a romantic weekend for your boyfriends birthday over the summer?

A romantic weekend away is always in season and style! When it comes time to plan it all you really need to know are where and when. Sometimes the when can influence the where and vice versa.

Let’s say the when is summertime, and the where? Assuming you’re looking for a destination you’ve never been to before, somewhere unique, filled with cultural highlights, historical charm, and delicious libations, one distinct city comes to mind – Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knox, as it’s affectionately known as and referred to by locals, is surprisingly romantic. To paint a picture of exactly why here are five reasons you should choose Knoxville for your romantic summer getaway.

For the Most Romantic Getaway…

Discover Downtown

Though it’s always been filled with gorgeous historical buildings, the past several years have been truly spectacular for downtown Knoxville, as it’s gone through a complete transformation and revitalization. With chic and elegant buildings, trendy bars and restaurants, and a variety of entertainment options, downtown Knoxville is the place to be for both residents and visitors alike. Drop your bags at The elegant TENNESSEAN Hotel, located in the heart of downtown, and get to exploring, dining, shopping, and more.

The Real Pathway to The Heart – Cuisine

What better to set the tone of a romantic weekend than through sharing one delicious meal after another with each other? That’s exactly what will take place in Knox, as it’s become quite the foodie town. Downtown alone features over 70 restaurants and establishments for eating, drinking and noshing, and that’s just downtown. For the ultimate romantic ambiance try Oliver Royale, which features an eclectic seasonal menu and utterly romantic cocktails such as the Flor de la Sangre. For more cuisine suggestions, read this blog.

Feel Fancy With an Evening at The Theater

most romantic getaway
Imagining plush red velvet seats and beautifully elegant and refined decor? Perfect, that’s exactly the setting at the Tennessee Theater in downtown Knoxville. After your delicious dinner, head to the desperately romantic Tennessee Theater for an evening of music, theater, dancing, and more.

Let Your Feelings Run Free Amidst Knox’s Abundant Nature

There’s no shortage of outdoor adventures and romantic excursions to be had in and around Knox. In between activities go for a romantic stroll along any one of the trails that comprise the Greenway – the urban network of trails that meander through the city. Treat yourselves to the most spectacular city view possible – from above – on a romantic hot air balloon tour just for two. Or, opt for the timeless classic of being on a boat, with a paddle boat rental.

Get Cozy at Knox’s Outdoor Festivals and Shows

Knox becomes the most alive during the summer months, and locals enjoy nothing more than gathering with loved ones outside under the warm sky and watching Shakespeare or listening to live music. You can do either or both at the Shakespeare on The Square Festival or the Concerts on The Square Festival.

Knox is rich in nature, culture, cuisine, historical significance, and much more, all of which you can discover on your romantic weekend away. Regardless of which activities you choose to participate in, the general ambiance of Knox is romantic, especially downtown. With a stay at The TENNESSEAN Hotel, the two of you will be front row center to all the romance Knoxville has to offer.

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