Kotor, Montenegro for Mediterranean escape

Kotor or Montenegro as a whole is one of those places that you see a photo of, not only are your initial reactions to disbelief what you are seeing but you start thinking in your head things like “Well, do not get your hopes up cause its not going to look like this in person” or maybe thats just the realist in me that makes me try to believe that it is never as good as what it seems until you see it 😉 .

But upon arriving.. I think it is clear that it is impossible to take a bad photo of Kotor. It is essentially “picture-perfect” from every angle and every view.

Beyond its historical city walls is the much loved bay of Kotor, it is gorgeous and so very much Mediterranean in nature. It quantifies everything you want to experience in the Mediterranean. I was so surprised how inviting the city s, it is a true living and breathing town where the locals know each other, they catch up over coffee at pavement cafes on cobbled sidewalks, chat in line while waiting for warm bread from the baker and I even saw some cobblers shops to where shoes were being repaired.

Beneath the maze of alleyways and plazas, I found there was no guide to Kotor … I mean people have wrote guides but the one thing to do to truly understand and get to know Kotor: get lost and experience local life. Forget even trying out the restaurants, not that they are not good, but because the real flavors are in its shops and local produce markets, check out the Stari Grad in Old Town.  Here you can sample cheeses that are smoked with walnuts, honey, and all types of hams, local wine shops (my personal sanctuary). I have heard Kotor called a “mini Dubrovnik” but that just does not to it justice.

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  1. TravelButler May 7, 2018, 3:59 am

    Such beautiful photos! Kotor really is incomparable and is one of the most hidden away gems that a true traveller delights in finding and exploring! My favourite place in Eastern Europe!

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