Kovalam, India for Sun and beach time

If you’re backpacking through India, make sure you make a stop in Kerala, and if you’re looking for some quality beach time, don’t pass up Kovalam and Light House Beach.

Light House Beach is named for obvious reasons… it’s crowned by a picturesque lighthouse near the beach. The surrounding waters are so warm, it’s hardly a transition from air to sea, and when the waves aren’t too big, the water is crystal clear. I spent three days soaking up the salt water and sun tanning in the ultra-bright rays of south Indian sun.

The waterfront was stacked with guesthouses, shops, and restaurants. I attempted to make my way through all the beach front restaurants and fresh seafood. Alas, too many options, too little time. However, I definitely recommend purchasing a fruit plate from one of the local women on the beach.

When I was there in March, there was no need to book a room in advance. Wandering down the beach walk you can find innumerable guesthouses available, some for as cheap as 400 rupees per night, and not too far from the beach!

Another activity I would highly recommend is getting an ayurvedic massage. Just make sure you bring clothes to change back into that you’re not in love with, because the massage requires a lot of oil. The only way to get it all out is to jump back into the ocean!

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for great night life, Kovalam is not for you. It’s definitely more of a relaxing, soak-up-the-sun kind of getaway.

Insider Tip

Get a beach bed! They’re only 100 rupees per day (all day) and the people who rent them out will make sure you have enough shade, that the beds are clear of sand, and they’ll watch your stuff while you’re in the water.

Where I stayed / started

Sadly, I never got the name. I wandered around until I got the cheapest price (400 rupees per night). When you're there, there's plenty of guesthouse owners enticing you to stay at their place, so finding a great, cheap location is not hard.

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