Krk, Croatia for Abandoned Hotels

The island of Krk is one of the favorite getaways for people from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. You can get there in just under two hours, it is connected to the coast via the Krk bridge, so you don’t even have to mess around with ferries. However, as a vacation spot, it’s not terribly exciting. There are a couple of nice beaches on the island, but you always have to drive to them – the rest of the resorts are just usually meters of concrete and mostly overcrowded with people. We shared a guesthouse with two guys who came there regularly, so they were able to show us around some lesser known nooks. Probably the most interesting of all was the old Haludovo hotel, which was in the 70s owned and redone by Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse. Now the whole place was in shambles, albeit in a fascinating way. It’s almost like we could evoke the luxurious feeling it once as we were carefully stepping through the spaces that once upon a time served as indoors pool, bowling alley or the hotel bar. For those who are suckers for ghost towns and abandoned places like myself, Malinska in Krk will be an unexpected surprise.

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