Krka, Croatia for Gorgeous Waterfalls

Last summer, we went to Sibenik, a decent-sized town on the southern part of Croatian coast. While we were there, we saw a bunch of ads offering trips to Krka National Park, famous for its gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. Without any hesitation, we decided to do it and as soon as the next morning, we were on the bus north. The ride took about an hour on the rocky Croatian seaside roads. We went there in early August, which is the peak of the season – so there were a lot of tourists around. Once we booked our tickets to go into the park, we took a local boat to take us to the actual waterfalls. The ride itself was lovely, and we were dropped off in what seemed like a dense forest with deep shade. We got out and followed the path until we were presented with a majestic sight in front of us, the giant, loud waterfalls and the beautiful green-blue lake with mountains and forest surrounding it. It looked like absolute paradise! The water had these giant rocks which you had to swim over, and because I was so used to swimming in seas, doing so in still water was definitely a bit of a challenge. After we took a dip, we went to explore the forest and mountain, witnessing some amazing views along the way. We had a couple of hours before our boat came back to pick us up, so we took advantage of the refreshing air of the forest, got some ice cream and dozed off on cool grass.

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