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2 Night activities to engage in while in Penang




Penang is a perfect example of how the party starts when the sun goes down! The same little island that is calm and serene during the day turns into a place of fun and frenzy by evening. It is a completely different scene here! Locals as well as tourists frequent rooftop cocktail bars, pubs and beach bars. The beach bars are lit in colourful lights. It is in recent years the tourists have started flocking to Penang for its lifetime experience. Traveling in Penang is no big deal either. You can easily hop onto a bus and reach here your destination within minutes. The bus routes have been strategically planned so that it ensures point-to-point connectivity.




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After Dark Shopping


Jalan Batu is one of the islands most popular places for the best shopping experiences. It is one of the places in Malaysia, where you can head for some after dark shopping. From homemade items, pirated DVD’s to Marvel DC Comics the place has it all! The place is full of multiple stalls offering products at throwaway prices. The locals here claim that the products here are highly priced but thats not the case, the vendors are pretty open to bargaining. You can baord bus no. 173, which should drop you off directly to Jalan Batu. The bus stop is located just where the lane for Jalan Batu starts!




Visit the Upper Penang Road Bars and Nightclubs


This is one of the best places if you are a pub hopper. The street known to have some of the highest number of pubs in Malaysia and is necessary visit by the tourists. Since there is a lot of traffic on these streets, the traffic officials have cordoned off the streets allowing them to place tables and chairs outside the pubs. Having a drink under the clear skies is an experience you will never forget. The interiors of the bar has been designed by keeping the youngsters in mind and are all quirky and colourful! You can board bus number 401E to reach Upper Penang. The bus stop is located just 1 KM away from the Road and can be easily reached by walking.


Visit the Penang National Park


The Penang National Park is home to more than thousands of hectares of wetlands as well as forests. The best part being you can explore these natural treasures comfortably while being on a boat. Starting at around 5AM in the morning it is sure to give you a completely realistic look of the diverse greenery in the fields which is sure to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Even at 5AM in the morning there is enough light for you to explore the place. On you wy back home you will come across the beautiful view of the sunset. This is one of the best experiences Penang has to offer.

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2 Night activities to engage in while in Penang


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