Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for Bathhouse-turn-Restaurant

Even though Kyoto may seem to some, especially us tourists, as a giant museum-town where apparently every other building is of some historical importance, the city itself still has some hidden gems and quiet neighborhoods in case you need a break from all the intense sightseeing (which is the reason why most people travel there, let’s be honest). We found such refuge in the area of Nishijin, known historically for its production of traditional textile. While exploring the quiet streets with charming little houses and carefully decorated garden, we stumbled upon Sarasa – an old bathhouse that has since been turned into a lovely little cafe and restaurant. The interior is still decorated with tile mosaics and the menu has a pretty decent offer. We decided to get ginger pork along with some tasty udon noodles. In the restaurant, we could also see many flyers and posters for upcoming alternative events in Kyoto. It provided a much needed relief before we continued with our sightseeing adventures!

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