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Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for Cherry Blossoms

Kyoto is famous for its cherry blossom season. Cherry blossom or sakura is generally at its best by end of March or early April of each year. I visited Kyoto during the first week of April. The first cherry blossom site I visited was the Uji river banks near Gekkekan, the famous sake brewery. The pale pink of Sakura dotted with fresh green with a tour boat floating down the river. It was a painterly scene. Next up was Sumiya in Shimabara area. This was the pleasure quarter of Kyoto. Sumiya was the entertaining and gathering place. It is the only ageya style building remaining in the area. The well-preserved building has a beautiful garden with sakura blooming in the back. Maruyama garden, located close to Yakasa Shrine in Gion area, has over 680 cherry trees planted. I walked by this area at night and saw the biggest tree lit up at night. My favorite Cherry blossom location was Haradanien in west Kyoto. The garden can be reached by bus or taxi only. The colorful sakura was surrounded by seas of yellow and greenery. It is not mentioned in any guidebook. Definitely an off-the-beaten path spot for viewing cherry blossom in Kyoto.

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