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Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for Gion Geisha Sighting

Gion area in Kyoto is the best area for Maiko or Geisha sightings. Geisha is a female entertainer who is skilled in playing koto, shamisen, dance and does almost anythingto entertain her clients. Geisha starts getting trained at a very young age. An apprentice geisha, also known as Maiko, wears elaborate hair dresses and the kimono is generally bright in color. I happened to come across a few in the Gion area. The best time to catch a sighting is around 3:30-4 pm when geiko and maiko get out of their tea houses. They will either take a taxi or walk a short distance to their engagements. It is expensive to have a maiko or a geiko to entertain. Most of the engagements are booked through connections with tea houses. Maiko dinner shows at specific restaurants are now available for tourists to get a glimpse of the floating world.

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Toyoko Inn Gojo Omiya

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