Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for Kinakaku-Ji Golden Temple

There are so many spectacular things to see and do in Kyoto that you might find it a bit overwhelming if you try to cram it all into two or three days, like we did. Still, among all the fantastic art and history, there are some things that are mustsee and one of them is the glorious Kinakaku-ji golden temple. It’s one of the few shrines you have to pay to get in, but it’s absolutely worth it. First you walk into this beautiful serene nature and then you see this gorgeous building standing as if it’s floating on a lake. The reflection of it in the lake is so clear, it almost makes the water surface seem like a mirror. The gold is so bright that you keep wondering how did it even get built like that and who came up with the idea. You can walk around the shrine and admire its architecture from all sides, or you can take a step back and enjoy the lovely nature. We saw some amazing flowers and came across a cute turtle that looked nothing like our European ones!

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Make sure to go early! Last admission is at 4:20.

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