Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for The Imperial Palace

If you art looking to explore a historical attraction in Kyoto that is now completely overcrowded with tourists on each step, the amazing Imperial Palace might be your best bet. This place is fascinating in many ways – from its sheer vastness to its monumental architecture to its breathtaking nature, it seems to have it all. Before you step into the actual area of the palace, you can explore the humongous park surrounding it and admire the unique looking ancient trees that pop up from time to time. Once you get to the palace, you will be amazed at the simple, yet wonderfully built structures that will truly transpose you into the times when only the royalty was allowed to walk around these parts. My most favour its part were the Royal gardens – with their perfectly groomed flowers, deep green moss and little bridges going over ponds riddled with koi fish make them look like a slice of paradise on Earth.

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