Leisure City, FL, United States for Coral Castle Museum

Coral Castles is another mystery like pyramids of Egypt. I’ve read a bit about this wondrous place and was really inquisitive to see this in real. My tour lasts for approximately an hour, it will be more amazing if you’d be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide.
Open every day, the Coral Castle Museum welcomes visitors from around the world to explore this enchanting South Florida destination.
Coral castle is basically a sculpture garden in stone. Most catch point about this place is that all these coral shapes and heavy stones are carved by a single man, named Edward Leedskalnin, in the years from 1923 to 1951. His secrecy and creativity with intelligence has created world’s most mysterious man made accomplishment. This enchanting destination of Florida remain open throughout the week, with an entry fee of $15. It is really fun to walk around and watch creative genius of little guy Ed. Castle is really US icon, and a must visit quiet great selection, whenever you are visiting this area. Other than that I didn’t find anything else worth visiting in this area.

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Courtyard Miami Homestead


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