Leon, Spain for Autumnal Painting in Faedo de Cinera

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I’ve always been a painter. Even before I learned how to use a brush, I was captivated by the beauty that could be created with such a humble tool. So on a trip to Spain last October, I took a couple of my brushes and paints, excited to capture some particularly striking scene during my stay.

Nothing seemed quite right for painting in the first couple of days, when I was spending days shooting photos and eating my way through the city. Then I heard of what is supposedly one of Spain’s best kept wooded areas. And lucky me, I happened to be nearby. Faedo de Cinera is 2 km (11, if you go the whole way; but the paths get trickier) of pure natural beauty. The flat, easy path winds through trees ablaze with autumnal oranges, reds, and yellows, and ends in a staggering collection of beech trees and a quiet stream.

There were a couple of old picnic benches near the stream, which was perfect since I didn’t have the room to pack up an entire easel. I pulled a small canvas and other supplies from my bag, and spent the afternoon feeling privileged to have stumbled on such an incredible experience.

Insider Tip

Leon is incredibly temperate in the autumn months. I needed a jacket a lot of the time!

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