Li River, China for Lovely Boat Journey

I was enjoying my holiday in china. After fully observing and exploring the beautiful great wall of china. I took a rest for one day in my hotel. At night, I was spending my time in the hotel bars. Suddenly I meet a very beautiful Indian girl who is also exploring China for spending her holiday.

We chat with each other for hours. Then she suggests as I have still some days left. So why don’t I make a trip with her on the Li River, what she is planning. At the beginning I refuse her but she requests me so badly that I agree with her proposal.

After having lovely breakfast we both get ready very quickly and pack our staff for the next adventure of Li River.

After having a 3hour train journey we come to Yangshuo. At first, we booked a room in Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel. Then having some rest in the hotel and finishing our lunch in the hotel food valley. We set our journey to the Li River. In the way to our destination, she tells me a lot about this place. She said the river has an awesome ferry tour what is very romantic and beautiful.

We reach there very quickly and rent a boat instead of having a ferry. Actually, this was my idea. We explore the whole place by the boat and have some great time there. This place is surrounded by mountain and has a lot’s of river forest lands all around it. Also, it is a very calm place where you can relax. If you like boat journey then it will ideal option for you.

At the boat, there is a small food desk. So we have some light mile at the desk. We eat a roasted chicken and rice ball and some vegetable sandwich. They also give a lemon juice for free. The juice test so great that I ask for one more.

After having a 4-hour tour we are returning. This time, it looks even more beautiful. It is getting dark and everything is turning to red. The mountain looks so charming and the countryside area looks very romantic. I click some photo and add those to my journey book.

After 2hours, our journey finished and we get back to our hotel room. When we are coming back from the Li River I wanted to see the river once more time. So I promise if I got any free time once again I will visit this place.

Insider Tip

Use the boat instead of having a cruise or ferry.

Where I stayed / started

Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel

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