Liloan, Central Visayas, Philippines for One-day Adventure

Since I’ve always been posting my recent travels, let’s have a #WaybackWednesday. I will be sharing to you the adventure I had 3 years ago, during the year 2013. This one was the adventure I had in Liloan, Cebu – it was in Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon.

The time we went here, I was already a fresh highschool graduate and was an incoming first year college student. So, I bet you could already guess my age by now (LOL). I’m not as old as you thought I am. Anyways going back to the topic, the pictures I will be embedding in my post will all have my faces since I love pictures hahahahaha, just bare with it.

So yeah, back in 2013, Papa Kit’s already have a lot of activities for their customers. In their website, they also illustrated different activities that you could do in their place (

As per my evaluation of that place, I was really contented of their amenities and their amazing customer service. The people there were very nice and very accommodating to their customers. Undeniably, their place is very amazing and has a very big area. You even need to ride a cabby just to reach their place where the zipline, mountain climbing, hanging bridge, jungle obstacle activities are located. You can also do horseback riding and fishing too. The fishes that you caught are already yours and you also get a chance to cook it there too! Amazing right?

Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is indeed worth it of your money. Everything here is affordable and won’t really hurt your travel or adventure budget. I could really say that the prices here are a lot cheaper compared to some of the places that I’ve been to and has the same amenities. Everything here is really worth it. You should go and try them some time!

Insider Tip

Liloan’s most famous delicacy is Macy. It is a peanut paste inside a soft gelatin-like pastry.

Where I stayed / started

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

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