Lisbon, Portugal for Europe's Longest Bridge Vasco Da Gama Bridge

Vasco da gama bridge is a phenomenal architectural structure which crosses the Targus River in capital of Portugal, Lisbon. One can really marvel at the great engineering wonder and apex of technology. The bridge was named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama who found the sea route to India in 1498. It is Europe’s longest bridge with a length of 17,185 meters, and has life expectancy of about 120 years. Though the bridge is not that high but is an incredible spectacle, seems one of those pieces of architecture that fits perfectly well with the surroundings. The view from the bridge was amazing. While driving through it, you can’t imagine the length, but once crossing and looking from the coast, just WOW. Across the bridge is Vasco da gama mall also called as Centro Vasco Da Gama which has great designers factory outlets.
It’s a must see place whenever visiting Portugal and is top most favorite tourist attraction.

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    awesome place!!! like that.

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