London, England for Getting the Creeps at the Hunterian Museum

I’ve been to London a few times and never visited the Hunterian, so on my last visit, I decided to give it a go. Word to the wise: this place is best for people who are partial to the vaguely eerie, and have a good stomach for the grotesque. (Read: don’t eat before you visit.) I happen to have a soft spot for these kinds of curiosities, so it was a blast for me.

The place is huge, and packed with preserved fetuses, strange animal bones, diseased human parts, and antique surgical implements. It might take hours to actually see everything. And best of all, entry is free, so even if you end up with nightmares, at least you’ll still have money in your pockets.

Insider Tip

Beware! The museum is closed on Mondays.

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