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London, England, UK for Day out in London

There is so much to do in London you could honestly spend weeks there without seeing everything. It is also so big that it can be time consuming to criss-cross all over the city all day. Luckily there is a ton of cool stuff in every area, so you can easily fill a whole day just in one little section of London. These are couple of my favorite things to do on a weekday, starting from the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in City of London: 

1. Cafe Sou at The Ned: Coffee first, always. Especially when you have a long day ahead of you! The Ned is a new, exclusive club near Bank station. It is super beautiful inside, and you feel very fancy just being there. They have a cocktail bar, a big fancy cafe where they serve high tea with a harpist playing on an elevated stage, a sushi bar, and probably other fancy things, but they also have Cafe Sou – a cafe for normal people. It is a fun experience to go and have a coffee and people watch, and seeing the inside of The Ned is very cool. 

2. St Paul’s: You have two options here, you can either bite the bullet and buy tickets to go inside (18 GBP per person), or you can go up to the roof at 1 New Change next door and get a great view of St. Paul’s from above. There is a bar at the top of 1 New Change if you want to stay awhile, but they won’t say anything if you just go up and have a look. Even if you do go inside the cathedral, the view from the top of the mall is still a great spot. If you do decide to buy tickets, Days out Guide does a two-for-one deal if you are using National Rail tickets. So if you are going to be using National Rail tickets anyways, I would definitely reccomend looking into getting that discount. Inside St. Paul’s is amazing. The whispering gallery in the main dome is a really interesting architectural phenomenon, and for me it was worth buying the ticket just to climb the rickety stairs up to the top of the dome. It is a lot of stairs, so if you are traveling with elderly people it might be better to not. 

3. Padella: After St. Paul’s, hop on a double-decker to London Bridge station. You can also take the tube, but if you are using a day-travelcard which most tourists use, or if you are using an Oyster card, the bus works just the same and you get to see more than if you were underground. When you get off at London Bridge station, you are just a block away from Borough Market, a super cool market with a ton of vendors selling food and a bunch of other stuff. There are a ton of options for lunch here, but my personal favorite right now is actually not a food stall but Padella, a pasta restaurant that has amazing fresh pasta for great prices. The last time I was there I had their cherry tomato and garlic pasta, it was a great portion size and it was only 7 GBP. However, the line at Padella is always insane, so that’s why it is important to plan ahead. Padella opens on weekdays at 12, so if you can hop in line at 11:30 and don’t have a big group, you should be able to be seated when they open. I always carry a bottle of wine and plastic cups in my purse for these occasions – its vacation! 

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Most people at Padella order multiple plates, one of themselves and then one to share between two people because they are cheap and also so good!

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