London, United Kingdom for "Longing" at Hampstead Theatre

Located in the lively area of Camden, the Hampstead theater is definitely a treat for all drama aficionados who find themselves in London. Especially when you take into consideration the extortionate prices of theater tickets in most other institutions in the city! The cost was surprisingly low when you book with enough advanced time. For this occasion, me and my boyfriend opted to see a play called “Longing” which was adapted from several texts by the renowned Russian writer, Anton Chekhov. It starred the amazing and funny Tamsin Greig, to the rest of us outside the UK probably best known for the role in the British sitcom Black Books. The theater itself was quite beautiful (with a pretty cool modern looking architecture) and, on the other hand, the stage was wonderfully decorated like a proper 19th century Russian “dacha” (summer cottage). The play was witty and engaging and all the actors were brilliant. During the interlude, we treated ourselves to some white wine for the added posh/cultural effect. After the show was over, we were once again back in the January cold before scooting off to one of Camden’s many pubs for some drinks and dinner.

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