London, United Kingdom for Picnic in Richmond Park

Coming from a metropolitan place that isn’t really known for it’s green surfaces, I’ve come to really appreciate the fact that even in such an immensely huge city like London you are always a couple of tube stops away from basically finding yourself in a giant forest.

That’s why I decided to spent one sunny June Saturday having picnic in Richmond Park – a place known to some for the infamous “Fenton!” video or for being an amazing oasis of green in the middle of busy London. The park is huge and you can spent hours getting lost in it. What completely fascinated me is that it isn’t strange at all to come across deer just roaming around like it’s no one’s business (just beware of the testosterone-fueled stags during mating season – a subject of another famous internet clip). Another cool little thing is the rest area, where you can find benches and tables, but also a cute little cottage that serves snacks, soup and ice cream for those looking to rest after an afternoon of walking around and exploring the park.

Where I stayed / started

Friend's house in Putney

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