London, United Kingdom for Prince Charles Cinema

One of my favorite places in London, especially if I’m visiting on a budget, has to be the Prince Charles Cinema. This charming little spot located in the busy area near Leicester Square and the bustling Chinatown is a favorite among film buffs and for a good reason too. They often show cult favorites and have some amazing day themes and double headers. In a city where everything is horribly overpriced (including cinema tickets), the PCC offers pretty sweet discounts for its members. Much like any other time I’ve been to London, this time I also decided to pay a visit to the Prince Charles Cinema. This was a special occasion – they were showing one of my favorite movies, “Hard Boiled”. Not only that, but it was a special beer and pizza night, where you also got a can and a slice included with the ticket price. As I was dragging out the melted cheese and sipping on tasty lager while watching the exciting Hong Kong action flick, I thought to myself how glad I was that this awesome cinematic oasis exist in an otherwise glitzy and expensive central London.

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