London, United Kingdom for sight seeing

I took my girlfriend on a surprise trip to the UK. She loves all things british and france stuff. She was in a major depression after her mother passed away, so I surprised her with the trip. She loves it and was absolutely in awe! I would love to surprise her again for her tireless efforts in school. She does really good and tried really hard and have maintained a 4.0. I’m so proud of her, and want to reward her. She never leaves the books. We went to SOHO hotel, and walked everywhere! Local cafe, shops, the buildings are so old and so precious! It was a great view everywhere we went. Surprisingly the telephone booths weren’t what she had hoped for. They were dirty and had call girls numbers in there, although we found that to be quite amusing. She loved everything else. She enjoyed the afternoon tea time, and the sight seeing and I can’t forget the castles!

Where I stayed / started

So Ho Hotel

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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