Los Angeles, CA for Kitschy Sort-Of European Charm in Downtown LA

I remember living in LA, and thinking that there weren’t a huge number of truly unique places or things to do there. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough, maybe I wasn’t there long enough – I’m not sure. But it seemed like it’s sort of plastic, trend-setting culture seemed to overwhelm any of the tiny idiosyncrasies that make smaller cities so charming. It took me six months before I even heard about St. Vincent Court. SIX! Not sure how that happened. Anyway, while out at happy hour with some friends (LA natives) one time, they were joking about how ugly it is and how the tourists tend to flock. Well…I wasn’t deterred by their mockery. They showed me pictures, and I thought it looked damn cool! So one free afternoon, I wandered down the little breezeway off of 7th, between Hill and Broadway, and sure enough, there was this peculiar little block-long village, with kitschy old Euro-style facades, but serving predominantly Mediterranean food, and sporting weird artsy installments everywhere. Not a whole lot of tourists, it seemed to me! I swooped up a lethally strong iced coffee and checked St. Vincent Court off my to-see list.

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St. Vincent Court


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