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Los Angeles, CA, United States for the Melrose Trading Post!

Sundays are for relaxing, eating a hearty brunch to soak up the drinks from the night before, and it’s a day  for enjoying the Los Angeles sunny weather. As much as us LA locals love our warm weather, we don’t get to enjoy it often enough due to sitting in our cars, in traffic 5 days a week. So, what’s a way to take advantage of the almost always perfect weather in Southern California? Take a leisurely stroll to shop and people watch at the Melrose Trading Post!

This outdoor market place is not as big as the Rose Bowl Flea Market but it’s curated with vendors with exceptional goods! Whether you want to find an antique lamp for your living room, a one of a kind vintage dress, handmade goods from local artists, grab a bite to eat from the array of food vendors, or listen to some live music, the Melrose Trading Post has it all in one place.

Fun Facts: When you shop or sell at the Melrose Trading Post, founded in 1997, you are contributing to education! Located on the campus of Fairfax High School, the Melrose Trading Post helps fund the Greenway Arts Alliance, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite communities through art, education and social enterprise. You are directly giving back to the students at the Fairfax High School by helping fund their Arts Education program. The Melrose Trading Post has been such a success that it’s been featured in numerous articles as one of the top destination to visit in Los Angeles, and featured in publications and media all over the world. You can expect to find thousands of visitors here every Sunday having a good time. What’s even better? The Melrose Trading Post is dog friendly! Bring your furry best friend!


Let’s Go Shopping: So many artisanal vendors, so little time! You won’t find your basic clothing options here. The Melrose Trading Post is anything but ordinary. Expect to find lots of vintage dresses, shoes, and retro pieces you that leaves you with a sense of nostalgia. One interesting booth I came across was a booth where you were able to get your portrait drawn. What a fun piece of art to take home! 

…..want to know what else is available at the Melrose Trading Post? Click here for the rest of the post on my blog! 

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Get there early and avoid the crowds!

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