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We started our Journey in Los Cabos , Mexico for a Conference I had to attend for my job. Then our connecting flight was LA. I planned to stay a few days in LA to see the City and visit an old High School friend. I had been reading a book prior to our trip that was from The Turn of The Century. It had been referencing the Biltmore Hotel. I discovered that it was still in business and had quite an interesting history. We checked in and headed to our room on the 6th floor only to discover it was still occupied. We went back downstairs and got a new room on the 10th floor Club Class. We ventured back upstairs and our key would not work. I called from the house phone on that floor, by now I am mad to put it mildly. They sent up a security guard and first he tried our Key, nope. Next he tried a new key they sent with him, nope. Lastly he tried his master key, still we could not get in. We all went back downstairs again and were assigned another room, success. Our first evening my friend met us and took us to Pasadena for Dinner. It was a nice area , fairly clean for LA with a variety of dining choices as well as upscale shopping. 

That evening at the Hotel seemed fairly uneventful after our beginning earlier in the day. We were picked up the next day by LA CITY Tours. We visited Venice Beach ( not a recommendation ) , Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard , Griffith Park and several Movie Star homes. If you want to make the most of a short visit let me set you up with their tour it was well worth it.

We dined at Karl Strauss Brewery, which is just a short walk downtown. I also write a beer blog so Breweries are a must whenever time allows.

Back at the Hotel we had a difficult time keeping the TV on. This happened once or twice the previous evening. On this occasion however it caused an argument. On our final evening we were woken by a loud nock at our door. I got up to see what it was and no one was there. A few minutes passed and it happened again. We were at the end of the hall so it was unlikely someone mistakenly at the wrong room. Check out the stories that surround the hotel.  

The following morning we called UBER and headed back to the Airport to return home. Later in the week when discussing our stay with a co worker I discovered the Room we were in was one supposedly visited by the Black Dalia as was the original room we could not get in. I had not previously read all the stories relating to the Hauntings. I had only known that some existed.

Two days or Ten days I can help you make the most of your time anywhere. 


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Follow the Local Business Execs. age 20-35 classy dressed for a great Lunch

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Millenium Biltmore

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