Louisville, KY for the Slugger Museum & Factory

I took my nephew to the Louisville Slugger Museum during the summer this year. He’s a budding slugger himself, so he was excited from the word go. We arrived in the afternoon and took the full tour. The guide was really friendly and you could tell he wasn’t just knowledgable, but also really passionate about baseball. He was really patient with my nephew’s excited outbursts and questions – he handled them so professionally, and with a smile. We enjoyed looking at all of the memorabilia and photo galleries and got to engage with some interactive exhibits. We also got to tour the factory, where the bats are made. My nephew is always captivated by the creation process, of anything really – figuring out how something works, taking things apart and putting them back together. He drives my sister a bit crazy. : ) So the factory tour was perfect for him – a mix of baseball AND engineering. We were even presented with mini bats at the end! I’m pretty sure I made Aunt of the Year.

Insider Tip

If you go to the museum store upon arrival, you can order a personalized bat and pick it up when you leave. I was happy that my nephew didn’t catch that, since I didn’t realize it was a possibility until we were leaving!

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Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory


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