Louvre for Observing The Biggest Museum In The Whole World

That’s 2nd journey of our holiday here in Paris. The first journey was an amazing experience for us. We really enjoy ourselves there a lot. That was a really romantic event for us. So as well we thought our 2nd journey will be good as the first one. Still we are at the same hotels and planning our next journey from here. This time, we travel to Louvre the world Largest Museum. It is not only big in size. Louvre has the biggest amount of resources. They have each and every cultural thing around the world. You can find any kinds of cultural elementals here.

They have a huge collection of artwork and monuments which one is known though out the world. They have a unique artwork what is widely known, yes I am talking about Mona-Lisa. Apart from that Venus-De-Milo is also popular. Not only these two or other they have all the world famous things. I don’t know how! But they steal all of the world famous things for their museum.

The museum buildings are also very well organized and well built. I found the front gate of the museum really attractive. Also, a great place for studying if you are a student of history and cultural. I also collect a lot of information about this place and add them to my diary.

A lot of beautiful statue and monuments also available there. They look so real. Ideal for clicking some photo I also click and collect a lot.

Observing for a couple of hours we saw a lot of things what can be some memorable moments. I hope if you travel there you can enjoy as well.

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Click some photo as much as you can. But very carefully as it is forbidden.

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