Lovćen, Montenegro for Prosciutto and Ominous Mountains

Our little mountain feat started with a drive along the hilly, winding (and quite dangerous) roads on the hills surrounding the Bay of Kotor. Once we reached the last stretch of the road, we had to park and continue on foot. We were going to the mausoleum of the Petar Petrović Njegoš, a Montenegrin ruler, writer, part-time philosopher and an all-around brainbox, it seemed. We had to climb quite a bit of steps to get to the top, but its was definitely worth it. Between the massive caryatids, the impressively very angular architecture and the intense view, we couldn’t get enough of our Lovćen experience. The mausoleum itself was pretty barren, but there was also a platform where you could do a sort of a 360 view of the immense Montenegrin landscape, which was the best part of this visit.

On our way back, we went into one of the local restaurants for the famous prosciutto and cheese from the Njeguši region, then went on to this leisure area known as Ivanova Korita. Here is where you will find a water spring that is claimed to have magic properties (not sure about that, but the water was sure refreshing and cool). We then visited Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro, which seemed like it froze in time, but in a very charming way. You could see a lot of the architecture was influenced by the trends from Western and Central Europe, unlike most of Montenegro. The town was quite green (we were all grateful for the shade) and very serene, so this is where we chose to have our coffee before heading back to our summer house in Kotor.

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Definitely buy some prosciutto for home – you won’t be able to find anything like it elsewhere.

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