Lustica, Montenegro for Exploring Wild Beaches

Montenegro is not a big country – so every time you find a place on the coast that hasn’t been completely flooded with tourists, you know you’ve hit a jackpot. For those who are in the know, the Lustica peninsula – once a military territory – still remains one of these undiscovered gems of the Montenegrin coast.

To get to Lustica, you simply need to have a car – public transport in Montenegro only services coastal towns and the roads are a bit too hostile for walking or cycling. The good news is that Lustica is easily accessible from several major town on the Montenegrin coast – Kotor, Tivat, Budva and Herceg Novi.

Once you’re finally in the bay, you can start with the most accessible beach – Oblatno. This has become a family-oriented place and by this point, there are already a several beach bars and other things there, so I guess it’s not so secluded anymore. Next up, Mirište beach. This one is a bit longer and a little less crowded. You can walk to the very end and get to the Arza beach – a quiet one with a gorgeous view. Walk a little further and you will get to a little fort that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian times. Next up on the obscure scale is Pecka beach, a gorgeous sandy beach tucked in between Lustica’s harsh terrain. Once you park you car, you have to use a rope to actually descend to the beach, but it is so worth it. The only downside is that the sun sets pretty early because of the geographical position of the beach. And finally, we get to the ultimate secluded Lustica beach – Dobra Luka. Getting there involves about a 30-45 minute of unpleasantly bumpy ride on a wild, rocky road, then another 10-15 minutes on foot until you finally reach this hidden slice of heaves. In all the times I’ve been there, there were never more than 10 people in total on this lovely beach. The water is cool and refreshing and since there are no hills around it, you can enjoy a full day of sun.

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