Luxembourg City, Luxembourg for Admiring the Culture

I arrived at the central station in Luxembourg City coming from Berlin, Germany. As soon as I arrived I noticed immediately that the population was incredibly diverse. People young and old were dressed in both business and casual, yet very stylish outfits. I also heard more foreign languages spoken than what I could count. Especially for such a small place it seems that this is a true melting pot in the middle of Europe. A little later on I discovered from a tour guide that the reason that I was not able to generalize the average local is the fact that Luxembourg City has a foreigner community of nearly 70%. This is people from all over Europe and around the world that come to live and work in Luxembourg, often taking jobs working for an international bank or the European Union. Luxembourg City actually shares the title of Cpital of Europe with just Brussels and Strasbourg, as the three cities house most of the European Union administrate and political offices.

Do as I did and just admire the culture, walk around, enjoy the cafes, enjoy the buildings. Go to the old city. It is all beautiful

Where I stayed / started

Luxembourg City Train Station

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