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We flew into Hurghada, so getting to Luxor wasn’t such a trek – it took about three hours to get there. After some negotiation and haggling, we booked a tour of the historical sights with the local guide, which included the Karnak, Valley of The Kings (amd Queens!) and Hatshepsut’s Temple. On the East Bank, we went to the Karnak Temples and open air museum, where we could admire giant pillar and statuesque constructions that were all lined up one after the other. Across the river, on the West Banks, we then drove into the Valley of the KIngs. The actual visit was breathtaking, and I have to admit, despite seeing ancient Egyptian sites before on TV or in photos, nothing could substitute just how majestic they looked in real life. We went from tomb to tomb and saw the one of Tutankhamun, Ramses and many other Egyptian rulers. At night, we returned to Central Luxor where we just roamed around until going into one of the restaurants we deemed would be decent and we were not wrong. Probably the freshest vegetables I’ve ever had!

Insider Tip

Try not to always go for the first offer from local guides and drivers. AKA haggle and don’t accept ridiculous prices.

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New Everest Hostel

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  1. Wanderer May 10, 2017, 12:08 pm

    Hi, I am visiting Cairo next month. Any other tips?

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