Lyon is third largest city of France known for its amazing food and wine culture and also often regarded as “Capital of French Gastronomy”. This wonderful; city is located on the confluence point of Rhone and Saone rivers. Lyon is a vibrant city of France offering great experiences of its unique architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage. City is a interesting combination of museum, galleries, culture with dynamism of a modern industrial hub. City’s culinary scene is rich and diverse. The diversity of city can be explored best with your own set of wheels and you can get your easily from car4hires. If you are looking for a perfect place for having a nice cup of coffee you will find hundreds of them among lovely streets. City of Lyon hits the spot in France when it comes to coffee and cafe culture. Some of the best ones are listed below.



It is an art gallery coffee shop located in Lyon. Coffee served here is good in quality and is made out of single origin beans which are supplied by local roasters. It is always filled with trendy crowd and art lovers. Guests can drench themselves in art. Cafe also exhibits works of artists over a range of mediums, techniques and styles.



A new on the list, The Puzzle cafe is a project of two creative minds. If your are looking for a high standard coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, Puzzle is a ideal spot for you. It is a perfect escape from bitterly coffee served at every second cafe. Very friendly staff and cozy sitting is worth more heading towards and enjoying a cup of coffee along with a quick snack.



This charming coffee shop is also a bicycle shop where you can buy a new one or get your cycle repaired and cycle accessories are also available for buying. It is one the most popular cafes of Lyon. They have a must try range of top-notch cafes either have a hot one or a cold one. A long food menu consisting various options of sandwiches, salads, soups and cakes is also available.


Except these there is a long list following. Lyon has number of cafes offering different experiences. Le Kitchen Cafe, Mokxa, Slake Coffee House and many more are worth a visit.

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