Macau, China for First day Adventure

My very first time visits in Macau. I already travel a lot;s of places in China. Then made my mind have a look at this small town for spending some time. This time, I was in Macau for spending my long awaiting summer vacation. People always choose Hawaii or an Ireland for spending their summer vacation. But I choose China this time for exploring the unseen places.

You guys already know that I am on a mission to travel each and every interesting and attractive place on the earth. So visiting China once again was great I think. In the past when I travel China? Already enjoy a lot and have great fun. I expect the same from Macau.

After capturing from the airport. At very first I come to the hotel, I booked from the net. It is The Ritz-Carlton the most relaxing and comfortable first class hotels available in Macau. Very interesting and romantic. This hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Macau. It was huge. After taking a shower and finishing my lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. I don’t want to waste any time. So quickly after sometimes I got myself ready for the first day adventure of Macau.

Just like I told you before this place is very small. But full of excitement. I explore the place nearer the hotels. There were buildings everywhere. I looked at some of the pictures what have clicked during the time I was coming to hotel from the airport.

Walking for a couple of hours I came back to the hotel. When I finish eating my dinner, gone to bed very early for healing myself from the tiredness, i have during today’s long journey. Sleeping and waiting for my next adventure in Macau.

Insider Tip

If you are a visitor then you must try The Ritz-Carlton hotel. It is really amazing!!!

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