Macau for Senado Square

The 2nd journey of Macau. Getting up from the bed I looked outside the windows. The sunlight is coming through the window, and a mint wind just blows into my mouth. I walked into the corridor and looked outside; it’s fantastic. Macau is so beautiful and charming. My breakfast has arrived, I was feeling a little bit hungry. So I get myself fresh and take a bath. Then pick up the cup of coffee and gone to the corridor once again. Spending some moments there I get myself ready for the next adventure I would like to have in Senado Square.

I come to the Senado Square at early noon. It was the summer season, so I felt some terrifying heat there. Getting very rusty so buy some Coconut juice for drinking. It was quite cheap here. This place is very small. After 4-5 hours I almost finish exploring lion share of this place. I am not very knowledgeable about this place. It was my very first journey in Macau and also Senado Square. But it looks like it is build recently. The whole place is surround by big buildings and lovely monumnets. I look at those for hours and click a lot’s of picture.

The place is very neat and clean. There was no dust what-so-ever. The surrounding makes things even more enjoyable and exciting. Very unique environments for having a coffe but as it was the summer season I try some lemonade. Sometimes leter the sun set and the real fun began.

This place turns into total differents colors after sometimes. Fortain near the central of the Senado Square looks very lovely. This time, again I click one photo for memorizing this scene again and again. It was really a great experience for my life.

Insider Tip

Visit this place at night, then you can see how beautiful it becomes during the night time.

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