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Jrrny is a community platform to share travel experiences

Jrrny allows travellers to share first hand experiences while traveling to provide insider knowledge to other travellers. While a jrrny is a short, image based travel narrative using the format of location + activity. Now imagine if you are looking for Iceland for Scubdiving… Well we have tried to find it and the information is just not there but we know first-hand that the experiences is there to be had. What about Tokyo for the Tuna Market Auction? Again, cant find anything online… well now you can and you can share your experiences all in one place.

Find jrrnys by searching or check out the most interesting jrrnys by seeing what is trending or the most upvoted. Follow your favorite travel super stars and keep up to date with their latest experiences and where they are at. Upvote theirs and it will show in your feed so you can create your own itinerary before your next trip.

We are here for your inspiration. Best part about jrrny is that every jrrny relates back to where you started/stayed so the best experiences are laid out for you form where topick your head up in the morning to the place where youll sleep ar night.

Go ahead, tell us some of your travel experiences (Create your own)!
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Austin, TX fo BBQ (Franklin’s)

If someone has not let you in of the well known secret that Texas has the best BBQ. I apologize, I will let you know now…

Austin for 5 best places to catch the blues

There is a couple things about Austin that i think everyone knows to be true… 6th street is where to party

Austin, Texas for Bet Watching

Growing up in Texas and visiting Austin quite often, the mexican free-tailed bat is pretty ingrained into the Austin mindset