Makati, NCR, Philippines for Eat street foods

In the Philippines, Jolly Jeep is the cheapest yet clean food stall anyone can go to whether you are on-the-go or just on a budget. A simple meal – hotdog and a cup of rice cost Php35, add a banana que on the side costs Php15 and a soda of Php15. You get one full meal worth of Php65. if you want special meal in Filipino delicacies such as Pork Sisig, Chicken Sisig, Chicken curry, Chicken Adobo, Afritada, Pork Adobo, Sinigang na hipon, Fried Fish etc. Any of these viand, a cup of rice and a soda cost Php75. There are stalls available everywhere in Makati, from one street to another. In this way, it will be easier to buy food whatever that comes into mind, wherever and whenever you feel hungry, Jolly Jeep is the best option. What makes this food stall interesting also, everyday they change their viands, hence there is no way to get too bored on the food they offer because there is so many viand to look forward to every single day. Apart from the food, servants are friendly and accommodating. They always make sure customers get their bestseller foods, they will let you know if they have new viands and tell you all cheap meals they have. Even though it is a small stall, people still find ways to dine even on standing. I have attached sample pictures so you could picture out how it looks like. Even if Makati is surrounded by fine restaurants, people still consider Jolly Jeep as their favorite place to look for delicious yet affordable food choices.

Insider Tip

There are so many Jolly Jeep stalls in every streets of Makati with different viands. Just check out which out you like to eat, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Name it!

Where I stayed / started

Makati City

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