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A bus ride to the top 2 Must Visit Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur


Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are famous for being trendy – thanks to their chic and modern interiors. Kuala Lumpur is famous for being bent towards local food than international cuisine. Kuala Lumpur however still makes it to the top over its lists of friendly destinations. There are plenty of Chinese Coffee Shops and Indian Malay eateries capturing the dining scene in Malaysia. In recent times, Kuala Lumpur has developed a trend of setting up more and more cool and inexpensive cafes rather than fine dining restaurants or hawkers shops. These cafes are said to offer a large variety of food items.


Malaysia has one of the best bus transportation systems in the world precisely why the locals themselves leave their cars at home and prefer to travel by bus. The bus operators here are not only punctual about their timings but also provide the best services. The bus transit system ensures that you have point-to-point connectivity to the most important landmarks in Malaysia. Most buses arrive at an interval of 15 minutes and have tracking systems so that you can leave your hotel for the bus stop at the right time! The bus fares in Malaysia are some of the lowest in the world but there is absolutely no compromise on quality of service. You can book your bus tickets from at discounted rates. It is a completely hassle free procedure and you can pay online too! Book your tickets and zip past the city at unbelievable prices.


Acme Bar and Coffee

Acme Coffee Bar is one of the most awarding cafes of Malaysia. It is set on the ground floor of the magnificent Troika Sky Dining alongside the Jalan Binjai. The interiors of the restaurant have a New York touch to them with clean steel lines, floor to ceiling windows and large cushions. There are several classic western foods on the Menu. However, all of them have an Asian touch to them. I would recommend you to try out the spicy shrimp paste, which cost RM28 and is quite delicious. There are quite a lot seasonal items on the Menu but some of the signature items are always present on the Menu. This keeps the customers coming back for more. The restaurant has also won the best new restaurant of the year 2012.


Nobu Kuala Lumpur


Located in the magnificient Petronas tower, Nobu Luala Lumpur is quite a name when it comes to the world of Sushi, Tempura and Sashimi. The Americal actor Robert De Niro owns this world famous restaurant. He started the empire in the year 1994 in New York and has expanded greatly since then. The restaurant is famous for its glorious dishes that has taken the world by storm. The restaurant has around 29 franchises all over the world. It is open 6PM in the evening to 11PM in the night.


You can board the Hop on Hop off bus of Kuala Lumpur that will take you to the entrance of the Petronas Towers as well as Troika Sky Dining, which makes travel quite convenient. The bus journey will save you a lot of cash aside that will let you splurge your money on these two restaurants.

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A bus ride to the top 2 Must Visit Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur


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