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Mall Mania hit Malaysians a long time ago and every now and then there’s a new shopping mall popping up in Malaysia. These malls are much more than just being a shopping center, they are also full-fledged entertainment destinations. Well-equipped with gaming, food courts and theatres these malls have everything for each and everyone in the family.


Touring in and around Malaysia is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from


Suria Shopping Mall


A six-storied building located at the base of the magnificent steel covered twin towers, The Petronas. The Suria is much more than a shopping mall and dine out venture. Not only is the mall famous for its light on the pocket stores but is also hugely popular among tourists for its oceanarium and a state of the art science discovery center. So if you are tagging your kids along, Suria Mall will cater to your needs in the best way.


Apart from all the above tourist attractions within the mall, it is also home to Malaysia’s finest and first ever concert hall and the highly popular Petronas Art Gallery. LRT station being quite adjacent to the building, the mall made easily accessible. The mall also hosts a 12 screen movie theatre for movie enthusiasts and one of the biggest department stores, Marks & Spencer.


The Gardens Mall


This is one of the most upscale shopping malls perfectly poised in the heart of Malaysia, The Gardens is arguably one of Malaysia’s Best and covers almost all that you might ever need. With more than 200 stores spread across its grand six storied building you will never run out of options. The mall is quite famous amongst locals as well as tourists for its celebrity fashion collection. The mallis just opposite mid valley mega mall which is also one of Malaysia’s largest retail developments where you can come across a wide variety of cost effective clothing. The entire complex is basically a mixed development comprising of 4 towers, a 5 star hotel 2 residential blocks and a huge office space. The mall opened its doors to the people in the year 2007 and although understated it is an architectural marvel. There are quite a few noticeable design features in the mall that make the mall look quite clean and open. There is also a state of the art theater which is crowded most of the times. The lower ground floor of the mall has been dedicated to a food court where you can indulge yourself in local as well as western specialties. I would recommend you to visit Alexis which specializes in local food and also has a great cocktail menu.  

It houses brands from the world’s top most fashion designers and clothing lines. Just 7 kilometers away from the Petronas towers, the Gardens Mall is spread across a wide space. Since its inception, The Gardens has always been a popular destination for Malaysians.

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