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Penang is quite famous for its nightlife all over the world. It is one of the best places to hang out with your friends here after a long and tiring day of work. However, when it comes to cocktails there are only a few options to enjoy. Therefore, if you are in the mood for a cocktail, Penang has some decent places for you to hang out where the bar tenders will cater to you with some tasty concoctions that are unique. The cocktail bars have a comfortable seating ambience with moderately loud music playing in the background. What else? Reaching these places is not a hassle either. You can hop onto a bus and reach here within minutes thanks to the punctual and on time buses, which will take you to your destination without any fuss!


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Three Sixty-Revolving Restaurant & Sky Bar


It is one of the very first 4 star rooftop bars of George Town. It is a two level rooftop lounge and a penthouse. The revolving portion of the restaurant is the main selling point of this place as it offers an interesting and amazing view of the entire city of Penang. The wind blowing from the sea is mesmerizing.  Seating here is also nicely set up. The bar features an indoor dining hall and also rotates around itself in a 360 degree fashion. The decor of the bar has been kept minimal with small white bar stools and dim neon lighting. The establishment has some of the best views in town and is a complete retreat to watch the beautiful skyline of Penang while sipping on your cocktails that are fruity and tasteful. Make sure to try out “Between The Sheets” which sells for RM 30 and is a blend of fresh lemon and sugarcane. There are a lot of buses that ply on this side of the town so traveling wont be a big deal after all. The buffet here is amazing and it is a total value of your money. Staff is very polite and warm. All this will surely give you a satisfactory and relaxed feeling. 


Baba bar


There are endless reasons I can give you, just fall in love with Baba Bar. The places serves as the perfect nightlife lounge. The interiors have colourful mosaic tiles and marble table tops. Elegant interiors and vintage furniture is something that will make go down memory lane.  The bar counter has been designed keeping in mind the western style. The Cocktails are prepared in the most elegant way and the bar men attending to you are known to be very witty. The cocktails are prepared with nutmeg and lime. It is quite convenient to travel to this place by Bus.  You can board a bus from Sungoi Nibong Bus station, which will directly take you to the doorstep of this bar.





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