Malmö, Sweden for Luxuriously Beautiful Emporia (Shopping Mall)

Well first of all!! I was totally amazed by the architecture of the building. It was superbly designed and perfectly executed, encompassing the modern age’s technological taste plus beautiful trifle amalgamation with green natural things. The roof view is what attracts most of the tourists and locals, and after seeing myself, it certainly is worth visiting.
My visit was more of window shopping style, rather than really buying any stuff. Still I find many shops that cover all your needs including clothes, makeup, electronics, commodities, fashion accessories, home decor stuff, and sports, in a nutshell this mall fulfills all sort of shopping desires. I really enjoyed spending my time there.
But after a while you get confused in this 8 shaped building and just keep moving without a direction. Well that is fun for some, but exhausting after a while.
Regardless of that, I enjoyed strolling in the mall and love the modern architecture and cool atmosphere.

Where I stayed / started

Elite Plaza Hotel

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