Manchester, United Kingdom for the UK's Cultural Boomtown

Manchester once served as the metaphorical engine room for the Industrial Revolution. Moving into the 21st century, Manchester has decided to position itself as a dynamo of culture and arts. The government here agrees, they have committed 78MM euros to build “The Factory” a multi-purpose arts space that will include a 2200-seat theatre and will be the permanent home of the Manchester International Festival.

As you can imagine this has directly injected a fun “new” culture into Manchester. This made my stay very fun, a lot of activities from escape rooms, to theater experiences, there is something to find of all types. The largest art gallery in England just re-opened here.

I definitely had a great time visiting the home to the Manchester United Futbol clubhouse. Its in the old part of town and worth the trek, do not be caught saying anything bad about the team as these fans are SERIOUS! Old Trafford field!

If your stay is over the weekend like mine, Hop on a Saturday train to south Manchester and find yourself in the community-minded Levenshulme Market, the city’s best for food and host of locally made goods (March – December only)

I did find some joy knowing that north in the skyline of Manchester there is a 71M ventilation tower that connects to Strangeways Pison. This is a reference from The Smiths; album Strangeways, Here We Come. This constant reminder to the city that crime is not worth it.

These are all of the things I checked out while I was in Manchester, I would love to hear what other people do there, I am headed back towards the end of the year!

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