Mandarin Orchard for Mandarin Orchard to Luna Bar by Bus

Mandarin Orchard

The Mandarin Orchard is considered one of the best places when it comes to business meetings in Singapore. Its beautiful 40-storey hotel is an architecture marvel within itself. When the hotel was constructed in the year 1970, it was the tallest in Asia at that time. 

The hotel is just 30 minutes away from the Changi International Airport.  Though the distance is not much it was not feasible for me to walk the distance after a long journey. Roads in Singapore are some of the best and well facilitated than any other country. I waited for some time to hire a cab but could not find one and if I found one they were not willing to drive this short a distance.  I therefore looked for other means of transport and saw some local buses plying on this route.  On further enquiry, I was informed to book a seat online through redbus. The journey was quite pleasant and I reached Mandarin Orchard in a short span of time. The buses in Singapore ensure end-to-end connectivity and hence travelling by a Bus proved quite beneficial for me and most of the locals here too prefer a bus to any other option. 

The location of this hotel is strategic and can be reached from any part within the city. The hotel stands 170 metres tall and can be easily located in the vicinity of some of the most famous shopping outlets. Based on my personal experience, I hardly went out of the hotel thanks to the retail in-house therapy. A stay in this hotel will cost you somewhere around 250 SGD. The hotel houses about 177 guest rooms, 2 restaurants and a state of the art outdoor pool. The hotel is also in the vicinity of some of the most famous landmarks of Singapore like the National Museum, Raffles City and the  Botanic Gardens. The conference rooms at this hotel are equipped with top notch technology and provide you a seamless experience for conducting business. 

With a pleasant experience of bus travelling, I decided to reach my next destination also by Bus.  There was a bus just opposite Mandarin Orchard, which dropped me off to Menara Weld Bus Stop in Malaysia. Luna Bar was just 5 minutes away from here.  The total duration of the journey was about 10 hours and the bus operators plying on this route was Rapid KL, KTMB, SMRT and SKS.  There are buses from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Luna Bar

Luna Bar is considered to be flashy and has been making waves in Malaysia since its inception. The bar became famous – thanks to its inventive range of cocktails, prepared by some of the famous mixologists.  However, the bar is not only about its cocktails but also for its delicious lunch menu. Make sure to try out the Asian inspired tonic made from a mixture of Lemon Grass, Ginger and Rum. Decor wise the place is quite gaudy. 

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