Manitou Springs, CO, United States for Penny Arcade

Penny for my thoughts? Are you kidding me! That’s about 10 minutes of fun at this place. I didn’t know about the Penny Arcade so much as I stumbled upon it while exploring Manitou’s quaint little downtown area. You go from a relatively quiet street with a mixture of tourists and locals alike straight in to a whirling tornado of dings, bangs, screeches and flashing lights. For a second I thought I had blacked out and ended up back in Vegas. Fortunately that was not the case. No I was in a Penny Arcade. Something I had really only seen once up in Portland, Oregon but those were nickel games. I think. Nevertheless, I found myself playing far too many shoot the metal target with a bb gun games and after about an hour of being an overgrown child in an arcade, I found my way to the exit with five extra bucks in my hand. Boom! Went and bought a beer to celebrate the discovery.

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