Manitou Springs, CO, United States for Witches & Warlocks of Downtown

Outside of the obscene natural beauty this town obtains, there is a pretty wicked side and I say that as a compliment as well as a statement. The town of Manitou Springs is riddles with little stores where one can buy a plethora of crystals, potions, books of mysticism and trinkets of paganism. Now I am not saying that I am one to buy in to any of it but when in Manitou, do as the weirdoes do. It is totally worth it. I am writing this little rant while wearing two rings and a medallion on some rope that I purchased in one day of exploring the many useless trinket shops there. Normally I would search an entire city twice over to maybe find a ring that I will sleep on and decide later whether I really want it or not. Manitou on the other hand, I had to restrain myself from blowing my wad in one day. But how does this tie in with withes and warlocks? Most of the store owners are well-versed in the practices of pagan ?religion? and can recite to you plenty of knowledge on the use of the crazy potions, crystals and books within their stores. It was like a weird hippy, gift shop version of the Vatican. So when you’ve recently exhausted your body from the obscene amount of outdoor activity to be had there, spend a day cruising the streets and meet funny looking people.

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