Marble Canyon, Ariz for The Wave

On what I can only describe as one of the greatest road trips I have been able to partake in, I was fortunate enough to see this amazing natural formation. I am not really sure if we were allowed to be there considering you are supposed to acquire permits months in advance and get permission from the Bureau of Land Management but no one stopped us. I am also not condoning just heading out there and wandering around in the desert. I had the fortune of being on an RV tour with two Australians that might as well have gotten away with murder with their accents and ability to claim ignorance. As long as I stayed quiet in the back, there was no need to ever offer my explanation. Any way, one of the Aussies (we’ll call him Hank) was asking around to a few locals in the near-by area about how he might see the place and most just laughed. Eventually over a drunken conversation at a watering hole happened us upon a very willing and informative person. Hank pressed him with information and even got him to draw out directions on our. We arrived to the natural landmark the next day after grueling trek that had me wishing I had filled my canteen with water rather than beer and it was amazing. If you can get the proper means to visit this place then cancel whatever other plans you have and go.

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