Marseille, France for A Trip to Les Calanques

A bus journey south of the town of Marseille are some of the most beautiful sights along the French coastline. After hopping on a cheap train from Paris to Marseille, I took full advantage of being by near to the sea. After a 30 minute walk from the bus stop, I started of with a nice hike around one of the calanques, slowly making my way down to one of the inlet beaches. You can choose to hike the calanques but there is also an option to get guided boat tours to visit or even kayak around them. There are pre-marked trails and the cliffs are also used as training spots for rock climbers. Climbing down to the beach was an adventure in itself so when you get to the bottom the cool clear water is exactly what you need. Its easy to find a quiet beach for yourself but if you feel like joining the crowds there are destination spots. Make sure to grab a map before you head out for the day and find the best way to get to the calanques. The best time to visit is probably March through May, when temperatures are still quite fresh but warm. Most of the calanques are also closed from July to September to the public because of the high temperatures and due to the risks of forest fire that often happen during the dry season. This coastline area really was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. If you happen to be in Marseille I would recommend packing a bag, bringing some food, drink and definitely your camera and heading out there for the day.

Where I stayed / started

Hotel Vertigo Saint-Charles

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