Melbourne Cricket Ground for A Fantastic World Cup Quarterfinal Match

I am already there in Australia for last two weeks. For being a big fan of Australian Cricket! How I can miss a world cup events in Australia. Watching and for enjoying each and every moment I was there to see for myself from the stadium.

I wanted to go there from the very beginning, at the start of the world cup events. But unfortunately, I did n’t make the journey early for some of my business issues. Anyway, let’s hear about my exciting moments on Melbourne Cricket Ground. If you are a cricket fan like me? Then you must know that M.C.G is called the home of cricket. Most beautiful stadium I never had encountered before. Also, having a capacity of 1,35000 it is one of the largest Stadium in cricket history. You can have a great view from the crickets stands. It will be total differents experience for you guys.

That’s just grandstands for the spectators. But if you are talking about its pitch then M.C.G has the finest track in cricket history. It is a high scoring pitch and having green grass everywhere. Not only it is batting friendly wickets. By producing great seam and swing it always assists the swing bowler. Don’t forget about Mitchel Johnson’s striking spell where he destroys the English batsman by taking 7 wickets and win the game for Australia.

Anyway, I was there for watching the big quarterfinal match played against India. The Indian President N.Modi and Australian Presidents was also in the field. They stayed in the stadium for enjoying the quarter final match. The game was also very competitive. Where Australia outplayed the India and qualify for the Semi-final. After beating South Africa at the Semis they destroy Newzealand at the final to be the Champion of World Cup 2015.

A great journey and experience for me. I will remember this event for a very long time.

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