Miami, FL, United States for The Kampong

Mesmerizing Miami was just Spot on for every place I visit Either a beach, a garden, any zoo, Art Museum, just name it and you’ll find best of the best in this beautiful city. Miami is full of natural beauty adorned with modern facilities and leisure activities.
My next spot was The Kampong, National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG). I availed self-guided tour of the garden paying $15 as admission fee. I always enjoy being in lush green surrounding, to relish the apatite of my eyes enhanced by intoxicating fragrances of flowers. My feelings were an amalgamation of relaxation and excitement in that moment while breathing in vicinity of fresh tropical fruits and fascinating flowering trees. My tour starts after I check in the main house, where I was provided with an informational guide with garden’s map.
I’ve read a bit about Dr. Fairchild, who was a horticulturist and bought this territory as his winter home, and had made this place heaven for botany lovers. He has a prestigious place in the history of American horticulture, especially in the field of tropical fruit. This place gives you such aspiring welcoming vibes with incomparable blazes of colors and exotic fruits, and leaves you breathless in overwhelming environment.
I will definite, for sure, love to visit this place again. And I recommend this place to all of you, regardless of your interests. Give it a shot and you’ll never regret your decision.

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