Minglanilla, Central Visayas, Philippines for Swimming Pools

Summer in the Philippines usually happens from March – May. In those months, the weather is very sunny and the temperature is very hot too. What we usually do here to at least cool ourselves down is that we go for swimming in the beach or in some pool resorts. In that way, our purpose is not only to cool down for the summer but also to have a bonding time together with our family and some close relatives.

In Minglanilla, there is a certain resort that is known to many Cebuanos since the water they are using isn’t recycled and is really from a flowing spring. The resort’s name is Tubod Flowing Waters Resort. This is located at Tubod, Minglanilla, Cebu which is a barangay that is located 500 meters away from the right side of the highway if you are heading south of Cebu.

The word “tubod” is a Bisaya term for unending flow of water. The resort has a total of 6 pools. They also have rooms for guests to stay in and a function room for different kinds of events. They also have a butterfly and bird sanctuary which for those guests who loves nature and animals. Their pools are not only enjoyed by the kids but for everyone as well. Their fresh spring water lets you forget of the hotness of the environment and once you’re already in the pool, you would feel like you don’t want to get out any longer.

The Tubod Resort experience is something worth sharing. It is indeed ideal for family gatherings, reunions and a lot more. If you go by Minglanilla, don’t forget to have a splash in their swimming pools too!

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