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Minnesota, United States
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Being the adventurer that I am – and also a complete stranger when it comes to punk (or quasi-punk) music – I decided to stroll into Triple Rock on a Friday night for a show.

Alright, I wasn’t TOTALLY adventurous. I went because a friend of mine is in the band that played that night. Still.

There are few things I can more easily get behind than a good dive bar – and that’s exactly what I expected this place to be – but it was a little different than I imagined. Yes, the walls are scribbled on all over. Yes, the bathroom stall was missing a door. Yes, the service was nice enough, but definitely not overly engaging. But the FOOD. Usually, dive bar menus are just full of gut bombs, but Triple Rock’s menu is really diverse, with plenty of vegan options, which made this patron pretty happy. The drinks weren’t half bad either. And the prices are good.

The show was…good. I was happy to see my buddy in his element, although I’m not sure I’d choose to listen to his music on a regular basis. There was a great turnout, though, and I had such a blast that I came back the next morning for breakfast. I think that might have been the best part of all. Can you say “Kahluha Pancakes,” anyone?

Insider Tip

Little ones are allowed in for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. They even have a kids’ menu.

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Triple Rock Social Club


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